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Nurse wearing VR headset Simulation training

The New Standard
in Training

HintVR™ increases engagement and reduces time to skill mastery

Reimagine your training needs by making it experiential and immersive

HintVR enables your organization to adopt the best in class virtual reality training platform to deliver more efficient hands on training programs

The HintVR market place enables your organization to kickstart your training needs by purchasing the training content from one of our partners.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom training content as per the standard operating procedures and also earn revenue by making it available on the HintVR marketplace for others

Anytime Anywhere Training

HintVR delivers the immersive content from the cloud to your VR device enabling users to tap into Just In Time training

Marketplace to buy and sell quality immersive content

HintVR marketplace enables our customers to get started right away by buying content from our marketplace. Alternatively they can sell their 3D simulation content 

70% lesser cost and 90% faster delivery

HintVR SDK will reduce the cost of custom 3D simulation creation by up to 70% and time to delivery by 90%

Multiplayer Training

Engage multiple users in same or different locations concurrently in virtual classrooms for 3D interactive sessions

Comprehensive Content Mgmt. System

HntVR CMS enables your organization's VR/XR content to be curated, organized and delivered to users all from a single place

Nurse wearing VR headset simulation training

Unprecedented Retention. Impeccable Confidence.

We continue to scientifically measure the efficacy of Virtual Reality in training. Along with our partners Apollo Hospitals and PFI we designed a double blinded Randomized control trial last year with 262 nurses taking part in the study across 3 locations ( 2 hospital and 1 Nursing college ). The results have been very encouraging as we could see improved confidence and procedural accuracy higher compared to conventional training.

The memory recall is 50% higher and the confidence to carry out a procedure is 60% higher by spending 90% less time in training. 

In an nutshell VR training delivers the perfect KPI's - Cost Optimization, Efficient Training  Methodology, Quality Improvements


Working With the Best

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Are You Ready to Reimagine  Your Training?

HintVR is the Best in Class virtual reality platform that enables anyone anywhere to create, curate and distribute 3D immersive and interactive training content. 

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